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Darth Vader

FROM:Note from EMMA: If anyone needs to know where he's from, they need to go back to a basic Bad Guys 101 course. He teaches it. Just in case you can't find a local college who offers that course, Darth is from the movie trilogy, published by LucasFilms, copyright 1977, 1980, and 1983. The acting is done by David Prowse, and the voice by James Earl Jones.

DESCRIPTION: His clothing alone inspires fear - black flowing cape, nifty mask, harsh breathing amplifier, big glowing sword. He kills without feeling or mercy, and just for fun. He carries around a light saber as his weapon, but his most leathal weapon is the power of the force.

HISTORY: Interestingly, he wasn't always bad. Darth was born Anakin Skywalker, on the remote world of Tatooine. During his late teens, Anakin attended the Imperial Naval Academy. There, he aquired his piloting skills. Later,he became a Jedi Knight, taught by Obi-wan Kenobi, before he turned to the Dark Side of the Force. He joined forces with Senator Palpatine (now the Emperor), and he completed his training in the Dark Side. More on his background will be revealed in the upcoming new Star Wars movies (a flashback). Sadly, his fate is a let-down. He is killed saving his son's (Luke Skywalker's) life, and when we see his face, it's bad! He's very ugly under that mask! Anyway, his son is cute, and will be included in our good guys page if we work on that (Note from KRISTEN: We'll start work on that page sometime before 1999.....I promise!).


WHY EMMA LIKES HIM: I end up thinking this guys is confused. He can be so bad, and yet so good. Anyway, I like him and his son - Woah! Sorry, sorry. I get carried away. He's (Luke Skywalker's) my favorite husband. Okay, I'm stopping. Vader is neat, and Star Wars/Vader fans - watch out for the new movies - his childhood!

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Note from KRISTEN: I forgot to write down where I got the images and the line on this page. If any of them are yours, and you want credit in the Graphics page, please e-mail me. Sorry! (A note to the note: The background HAS been recognized. Don't complain).