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FROM:The television series, by DiC, copyright 1995, and the Sailor Moon Manga, by Naoko Takeuchi, Kodasha, and others, copyright 1992.

DESCRIPTION: Malachite (named for a rock), is tall, with long white hair. He has blue eyes, and the typical grey uniform of a Negaverse general. Extremely strong, he was the general who had the best chance of defeating the Sailor Scouts. Malachite has a deep hatred for Queen Beryl, and for Tuxedo Mask. He was in love with Zoisite, another general of the Negaverse.

HISTORY: When Zoisite was put into the deep sleep by Queen Beryl for failing to defeat the Scouts, Malachite vowed to kill all the Scouts for having his lover killed. He took over as head general, and launched the strongest attack yet by the Negaverse on the Scouts. He was partially responsible for the addition of Sailor Venus to the team, when he put the Scouts in a giant sphere, and there was no one to save them except Sailor V, whom everyone thought was a video game character. Malachite brainwashed Tuxedo Mask into fighting on the side of the Negaverse, which was his downfall, not to mention a sore spot when Beryl begin to favor Tuxedo Mask over Malachite. When Malachite was about to kill Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask stepped in and saved her, because their (Darien and Serena) love was so strong that he could not let her die. Bye-bye Malachite!

WHY KRISTEN DOESN'T LIKE HIM: This guy is so annoying! I don't like him for two reasons, and they're both personal (not to mention stupid...oh, well). 1.) He is in love with Zoisite, whom I despise (she was mean to Neffy (Nephlyte); in fact, she killed him!). Plus, she's a whiny little brat who throws paper hearts at people for her weapon. I can't like someone who has such bad taste. 2.) He ruined the Darien-Serena romance! They were the cutest couple (they, in fact, were destined to be together), and he had to go and brainwash Tuxedo Mask! Ahhhhh! Besides, he was the strongest general in the Negaverse, yet he couldn't defeat five teenage girls in a battle. What a wuss!

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