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Pokemon Awards
Okay, each section is labeled according to the kind of awards. Please read the descriptions of each award so you apply for the right one. Click on the name of the award for a list of sites who have won that award and to see pictures of the award. Click on the 'Apply' button at the bottom to apply. Good luck!
Pokemon Award of Cuteness

This award is for Pokemon sites that are just cute. You know what I mean. Just plain cuteness. Cute graphics, cute animations, cute backgrounds, everything. Preferably with LOTS of Pikachu.

Pokemon Award of Fun

This award is for those Pokemon sites that are just fun to hang around at. Lots of games, quizzes, images, music, and other original stuff to do. Like any award, though, it requires that the site have decent content, and a nice look. Lots of Pikachu can't hurt.

Pokemon Award of Excellence

All I have to say is that if you apply for this, your site better be one helluva good site. No broken links, lots of graphics/pictures, deals with a vast majority of characters, easily navigable, not confusing, correct info, all that kind of stuff. Oh, it also has to be updated regularly. The more Pikachu, the better your chances. Please don't let my description scare you, though. I'm a nice person. Really. Don't run away! Wait!