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     Other Names: Songmaster (Goodlund), Astra (Qualinesti), Astarin (Silvanesti), Bran (Ergoth).
     Symbol:Bard's harp, flute (Goodlund, Qualinesti, Silvanesti).
     Colors:Yellow, Green.
     Sphere of Influence:Peace, forests, kender, elves, music, harmony, beauty, loyalty.
     Notes:He gave an elven mage, Shadra, the Staff of Magius from the Obsidian Chest.

     Other Names: The Fisher King, The Blue Phoenix (Ergoth, Qualinesti, Silvanesti), Skylord (Balifor, Goodlund).
     Symbol:Blue bird, blue phoenix (Ergoth).
     Colors:Deep blue, white.
     Sphere of Influence:Bounty, harvest, mastry, animals, sea, and passions.

     Other Names:Corij (Ergoth), Kijo (Thorbardin), Jolith (Kharolis).
     Symbol:Bison's horns, horned battle axe (Thorbardin, Kharolis).
     Colors:Brown, white.
     Sphere of Influence:Battle, dedication, obedience, courage, heroism, self-sacrifice.

     Other Names:Manthus (Ergoth), Mantis of the Rose (Qualinesti), Mantheri (Silvanesti).
     Symbol:Copper spider, single rose (Qualinesti, Silvanesti), Mantis (Solamnia).
     Colors:Copper, red.
     Sphere of Influence:Meditation, control, inspiration, thought, intuition, faith, mercy.
     Notes: His name is also the last name of a certain mage, who has been very well endowed with all Majere's qualities (with the possible exception of faith).

     Other Names:The Healer, Ka-mel-sha, The Healer in the Home (Tarsis), Mesalax (Thorbardin), Meshal (Icewall), Mishas (Ergoth), Quenesti Pah (Silvanesti), Quen (Qualinesti), Skymistress (Goodlund), The Blue Lady (Balifor, Highlo).
     Symbol:Blue infinity sign.
     Colors:Sky blue.
     Sphere of Influence:.
     Notes: She was one of the first deities to show themselves (Takhisis was already gathering troops when Mishakal revealed herself to Goldmoon, so she wasn't the first). The Blue Crystal Staff and the Disks of Mishakal are some of her gifts to mortals.

     Other Names:Draco Paladin (Ergoth), Skyblade (Goodlund), E'li (Silvanesti), Thak (Thorbardin), The Great Dragon (Solamnia).
     Symbol:The Silver Triangle, Pinetree (Silvanesti), Anvil (Thorbardin).
     Colors:Silver, white.
     Sphere of Influence:Order, justice, light, rulership, guardianship.
     Notes:He is the king of the gods, and they listen to him, for the most part. When he travels on Krynn in mortal form, he is Fizban the Fabulous, an eccentric and forgetful old wizard, who carries a gold dragon in his pocket, and loses his hat a lot. He travelled with the Companions for a while, and became good friends with Tas.

     Other Names:Solin (Ergoth), White-eye (Goodlund, Balifor), God's Eye (Thorbardin), Ivory Disk (Highlo).
     Symbol:White circle or sphere.
     Colors:White, silver.
     Sphere of Influence:Good magic, hope, goodness, protection.
There are very few mages in the series who follow him. I think Par-Salian was white robed, but I'm not sure. Maybe I'll go look it up.

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